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General Information

H. Karlsson Klensmide AB

Ringgatan 5

59160 Motala


tel: +46141211105

e-post: info@klensmide.se

webpage: www.klensmide.se

Hours of operation:

Mon.-Thur.: 07.00-16.00,  Friday: 07.00-14.30.

Information on placing your order:

An order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address when you have submitted your order in our online shop. The confirmation will contain all information regarding the products you have ordered as well as item prices and your billing and delivery addresses. If there is a problem with your order you should contact us immediately via e-post at info@klensmide.se. Otherwise you may call the following number: +46141211105. You must be 18 or older or have the consent of a guardian when placing your order.

Information on delivery times:

Products purchased in our online shop and paid for by credit card or bank card at the time of purchase will be packaged and shipped within 5 business days. The normal time for delivery after the products have been shipped is 1-3 days within Sweden and 3-9 days for the rest of the world. If your order is delayed you should contact us directly at info@klensmide.se or by telephone at +46141211105. Products ordered by e-mail or telephone will be delivered according to the arrangements made when placing your order.

Price information:

Prices are given in SEK (Swedish crowns). Prices are shown excl.  a 25% VAT (value added tax) (you can chose to have the prices shown incl. VAT up to the left). For export outside of the EU the VAT is deducted at the time of purchase. Additional taxes within your country as well as import/export duties may apply. We reserve the right to make changes to prices due to: price changes from our suppliers, typographical errors on price lists as well as incorrect prices due to incorrect pricing information. We also reserve the right to price adjustments based on other considerations. 

Payment information, Visa/Mastercard:

Our payment service provider Klarna is PCI certified: we follow Visa & Mastercards security standards regarding the handling of credit/bank card numbers and other transaction information so that unauthorized parties have no access to this information. All credit card and bank card information is encrypted in the payment window and we also offer 3Dsecure if your bank supports this service. This means that in cases for which the card issuer requires that the customer identify him/herself there will be an extra step in the payment process. Due to efforts on the part of card issuing institutions to be more customer friendly this step is sometimes skipped if the customer has made many similar purchases in the past: the card issuing institution makes a risk assessment with every purchase.

Information on returns, exchanges and complaints:

If you would like to return your order the items must be returned unused and in new saleable condition. The right to return items is not valid for custom made items. Otherwise you have the right to return items within 14 days of having received them. Upon return of items the customer is responsible for all costs of shipping and handling; the customer will be refunded the entire amount paid for the returned items themselves.

If an item you have purchased from us breaks please contact us directly by e-mail or telephone. By law you have the right to lodge a complaint in regards to a defective item up to three years after purchase if the defect can be traced back to the seller/manufacturer within 6 months of the purchase. We accept Allmänna reklamationsrådet (ARN). Complaints will be accepted in cases for which the production flaws can be proven: this may include cracks in the steel, tempering flaws, etc. We do not accept complaints regarding breakage due to incorrect use!

If you would like to exchange an item for another item in the same price category please contact us by e-mail or telephone. The returned item must be unused and in new saleable condition.


Unclaimed packages:

If you fail to pick up your delivery you will be billed for both delivery and return costs as well as storage costs. The present price for this is 395 SEK. Unclaimed packages do not constitute termination of purchase. According to Swedish law you must inform us if you wish to invoke right of return, make a complaint, exchange a purchased item, or make a return. If disputes should arise we follow the recommendations of Allmänna reklamationsnämnden (The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN)).


Handling of personal data

We comply with current data protection legislation regarding the customer's personal data.  Klarna deals with the Sales Company's personal information as contact information in order to provide H. Karlsson Klensmide AB with Payment Services, administer the business relationship and for commercial and marketing purposes.  The data may also be used for statistical analyzes and business reports, fraud investigations, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


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